Mark Metals offers cost-effective, high-quality solutions for metal cutting. Our metal cutting services include CNC-controlled oxyfuel and plasma cutting technologies for cutting plate, sheet, profiles, tubing, and pipe to custom sizes and lengths. We keep a large inventory of various grades of stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum in stock and have a strong supply chain for quickly sourcing specialty alloys and hard-to-find metals.

Plasma and oxyfuel cutting both have advantages based on material and thickness. Our oxyfuel torches create high accuracy cuts with straight edge quality in heavy plate and ferrous metals. With plasma cutters, we achieve fast cuts on thinner metals. The cut edge is smooth with a narrow kerf, and there is no metal distortion. Plasma cutting reaches a high level of accuracy, even when cutting stacked pieces. Along with cutting sheet and plate in a vast range of sizes and gauges, our lineup of multi-axis machines allows us to make multiple cuts in tube and pipe in various diameters and wall thicknesses.

Our cutting services are available as a single-service operation and can be combined with any of our other shop services for a cost-effective, all-in-one fabrication solution. With our versatility, we accommodate a wide range of requirements for customers in the industrial, commercial, and municipal sectors. Examples include precut metal products for trailers, railcars, heavy-duty equipment, and boiler manufacturers. We leverage our cutting capabilities to fabricate items ranging from supports and frames for the construction industry to commercial kitchen fixtures.

Our services are available for prototypes to ongoing contracts with regular deliveries. We have a fleet of vehicles for pick-up and delivery in the Reading, Pennsylvania area, and we ship products nationwide via common carrier. Contact us directly to learn more about our cutting operations or request a quote.

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